Best Pet Memorial Ideas

Best Pet Memorial Ideas

Best Pet Memorial Ideas

No matter how long we have them, it’s never long enough. Pet memorials are an excellent way for people to remember the pets they have loved and lost. These memorials can take many different forms, such as memorial plaques, paintings, or glass sculptures. They are often placed in a particular location, such as a favorite spot in the garden or house, where they can be seen, visited and remembered by their families.

Pet memorials serve a number of important purposes. We need to acknowledge that for many people, losing a pet is a very difficult and emotional experience, and a memorial can help provide a sense of comfort, and closure and help them to cope with their grief in a healthy way. It serves as a reminder of the special bond between people and their animal companions, and the immense joy they bring to our lives.

Pet memorials can also be a way to celebrate the life of a beloved pet and can be as simple or elaborate as desired. No matter what form it takes, a pet memorial can be a powerful and emotional way to share stories and memories and to pay tribute to the unique personality and characteristics of the pets that have chosen us.

I’ve gathered what I feel are some of the best ideas to help you grieve, heal and celebrate the little life that took up so much room in your heart. Don’t have your pet’s ashes? Don’t worry, I got you! There are a lot of beautiful memorials that don’t require ashes.

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Best Pet Memorial Ideas

1. Pet Funeral

Whether it’s a small celebration of life, a DIY at-home funeral, or a full funeral with a graveside burial, a pet funeral is a good way to invite family, friends, and their pets to help you to celebrate your pet’s life.  Many pet cemeteries will help you put the funeral together or do it all for you. If there are no pet cemeteries in your area, reach out to your local veterinary office or funeral home and see if they offer any services for pets.

2. Pet Cremation

Pet cremation has grown in popularity and is quite affordable. Some veterinary offices have crematories right on sight, which makes the process a bit easier. If your vet doesn’t offer this service, ask them for a recommendation or you can contact a regular crematory. Most crematories will return your pet’s cremains within a few days to a week’s time. Many folks find that being able to have your pet’s ashes close helps ease the grief they feel.

3. Scattering Ashes

Scattering your pet’s remains in a favorite area is a lovely way to honor their memory. Take them down to a favorite pond, river, lake or their favorite dog park. Your own backyard is a great place too!

Cremated remains are completely harmless but be aware of your state’s laws before scattering ashes.

4. Create an Online Virtual Pet Memorial

You can easily create an online tribute to your pet, to share memories, photos, and stories. Many websites offer you a basic, free account or a features-packed paid account. You can add as much or as little information as you’re comfortable with. I’ve taken some of the work out of it for you by creating a list of the Top Free Pet Memorial Websites.

5. Memorial Glass Angel Ornament

Glass Angel holding Cat Paw

Silver Creek’s Glass Angel Ornaments are a wonderful little memorial that you can hang anywhere. They come in a wide array of colors. You can get a regular Glass Angel Ornament or a Memorial Glass Angel Ornament that includes your pet’s ashes. You can select an angle that is holding a heart, dog paw or cat paw.

6. Custom Glass Pet Portrait

Chelle Jovan Glass Pet PortraitYou can order a custom Glass Pet Portrait from Chelle Jovan over at Molten Mania. Chelle is a well-known artist that works in several different mediums, but I know her from her incredible Glass Pet Portraits that she shares on Facebook.

7. Light a Memorial Candle

There’s something so simple yet powerful about lighting a remembrance candle. Light candles as a sign of hope and comfort, and as a reminder of the fire a loved one brought into our life. You can find candles that have uplifting quotes or are personalized with your pet’s photo.

8. Make a Memorial Video

Gather all your favorite photos and videos and use an app like CapCut to put them all together and make a memorial video to share with family, friends, or on social media. You can add music, sound effects, GIFs, captions to your videos and so much more.

9. Get a Memorial Tattoo

Get a tattoo design to honor your pet. They can be as simple as your pet’s name or a huge, detailed image, the choice is yours. There are millions of design ideas out there so to help you narrow the search you can check out my Memorial Tattoo board on Pinterest. I’ve also put together a post of my favorite memorial tattoos with links to the artist or studio.

If needles aren’t your thing you can always have custom temporary tattoos made. They can be shared with friends and family and kids really love them! You can find loads of them on Etsy.

10. Create a Scrapbook

Not only can making a scrapbook can be cathartic, but it can also help the healing process. You can include your favorite pictures from all of your adventures over the years, ticket stubs from traveling with your pet, name tags, etc. The options are limitless. The finished book will have all of your most treasured memories gathered in one special, meaningful place.

11. Handcrafted Pet Memorial Marker

Pet memorial markers are small-to-medium-sized stone or concrete slabs that you place outside on the ground or in a garden where your pet enjoyed hanging out, for example. You can use one to mark the pet’s burial spot or simply as an indoor/outdoor memorial tribute. They often include engraved quotes, a photo or a place for a photo.

12. Memorial Pet Jewelry

There are many types and styles of memorial pet jewelry. Here at Silver Creek Glass & Jewelry, I handcraft heirloom quality sterling and fine silver artisan jewelry here in my Mississippi studio. Each piece is as unique as the pet who stole your heart, so you won’t find any mass-produced ish here! Ashes are encased in glass and set into your jewelry of choice. Custom orders are welcome.

13. Create a Special Memorial Wall or Shelf

Designate a wall or shelf and commit it to your pet. Add your favorite photos of you and your pet together, a plant, a favorite toy, or their urn, and build your tribute around it. You can even get a floating shelf that is an urn, or is it an urn that is a floating shelf? Either way, it’s a very beautiful, meaningful, yet understated memorial that you can get from Urns Northwest.

14. Write or Journal Your Pet’s Life Story

Writing your and your pet’s story in a pet remembrance journal is a great way to work through your thoughts, feelings, and grief and let everyone know what your pet meant to you. A journal can be kept online, or you can do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper.

15. Commission a Pet Portrait

Having a pet portrait commissioned is a fabulous way to remember your love. There are as many styles to choose from as there are artists. You can choose from a range of mediums too. Dani Ives Fiber Artist is one of my favorite artists. She does needle-felted portraits that are photo accurate. She’s an amazing artist with an extensive body of work. She also teaches how to do needle felting so you could give this memorial a go yourself!

16. Handcrafted Pet Urn

A custom pet urn is just that—an urn that’s specifically designed for you. Custom pet urns capture your pet’s unique personality, memories, and legacy. Pet urns are usually smaller than human urns, so it’s easier to find custom urns at a price that suits all budgets. There are also different types of customization options. Cades & Birch designs beautiful keepsakes, personalized by you. They are handcrafted in California. Always made with love.

17. Have a Bit of Their Fur Made into a Keepsake

Resin keepsakes are a fun and meaningful way to remember your pet. Resin keepsakes come in a wide variety of styles and designs like figurines, trays, keychains and jewelry just to name a few. The Charmed Memories Shop is a small, family-owned shop that offers a wide range of resin keepsakes that you can add fur (or feathers, or scales) to.


18. Start a Dog Memorial Park in Your Pet’s Name

A really worthwhile idea: start a local dog park in your pet’s name! The AKC has a how-to guide to get you rolling. Developing a successful dog park requires a great deal of planning and effort. Still, your involvement and dedication will hopefully lead to the ultimate reward: the joy of creating a special place where dogs and their families can run, play, and socialize.

19. Pet Memorial Pillow

A custom-made pillow is a sweet and wonderful gift to give. There are a ton of choices when it comes to memorial pet pillows. You can have pillows made with your pet’s portrait or have their name embroidered on a throw pillow. 3D amigurumi-type of pillows are an adorable memorial too.

20. Donate in Your Pet’s Name

Donate money or supplies to a local animal shelter, veterinary clinic, or animal justice group on behalf of your pet. You can start a fund for pets that are less fortunate than yours. Vet bills can accumulate quickly and your donation could make the difference between life and death. Blankets, food, kitty litter, and even office supplies. Oh, and don’t forget the toys and treats too!.

21. Create a Shadowbox Memorial Collage

A shadow box is a lovely ‘sort-of DIY’ keepsake to preserve and display your and your pet’s precious memories. You can include your favorite pictures, mementos, and memorabilia inside your shadowbox, then hang it up to share with everyone who walks by it.

22. Get a Memorial Glass Ornament

Memorial Glass Heart OrnamentSilver Creek also does glass memorials, with or without ashes. You can choose from current designs or you can have a custom ornament made to your specifications. Glass memorials are made from ‘hard’ borosilicate glass (think Pyrex) and are made to last. They come in a wide variety of colors too so you’re sure to find something you love. They can be hung in the window like a suncatcher or from an ornament hanger on a side table, to be cherished forever.

23. Name a Star After Your Pet

Your pet is a star in your life so why not name a star after them? Star names last forever and will bear your pet’s name for eternity. Your star will be registered in the International Star Registry and you will receive a celestial map so you can see exactly where your star is.

24. Have a Nose Imprint Necklace Made

Make an impression of your pet’s nose as a lovely memorial. It only takes a few seconds to take the impression, send it off to the artist, and within a few weeks, you will receive your one-of-a-kind charm. Maya Belle Jewelry offers kits to make of mold of your pet’s nose. You can do this in advance or have your vet do it. Too late for a mold? Don’t panic, they offer nose prints from photos too!


25. Make a Paw Print Memorial

If possible, do this before your pet passes, or ask the vet to do it for you. Simply prepare some clay or cement and press your pet’s paw into it. You’ll have a permanent pawprint memento that you can sit on a shelf or place it in your pet’s favorite spot in the garden.

There is No Wrong Way to Memorialize your Pet

Pet memorials are as different as the pets we want to memorialize. There is no right or wrong way to memorialize your furry loved one, so please don’t pressure yourself. The perfect one for you is the one that speaks to you. You also don’t need to spend money to remember your special friend. There are plenty of DIY memorials that you can do right at home that are free or budget-friendly.

How did you memorialize your pet? Share below in the comments!

I will update this list on occasion so be sure to check back. Do you think there’s something special I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments below or contact me here or through any of my social channels!

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