Memorial Pet Tattoo Inspiration

Memorial Pet Tattoo Inspiration

Memorial Pet Tattoos to Inspire You

Getting a tattoo is a personal and emotional experience, and a memorial pet tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful way to honor and share the memory of a beloved companion. There are a kajillion tattoo options to choose from so I’m hoping this will help you narrow your choice down a bit. Hit the link in the caption to go to the artist’s or studio’s social media or website.

There are many different ways to design a memorial pet tattoo. Some people choose to get a tattoo of their pet’s paw print, while others may opt for a portrait of their pet or a design that incorporates their pet’s name or a special phrase or symbol that holds meaning for them. Some people also choose to incorporate elements of their pet’s personality or interests into their tattoo design.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are tattoos that are designed to mimic the style of watercolor paintings. They are characterized by their use of soft, blurred lines and a wide range of vibrant, highly-pigmented colors. They can be done in a variety of styles, from more traditional, representational designs to more abstract, expressive compositions

Fine Line & Petite Tattoos

Fine line and petite tattoos are some of my favorite tattoos and are generally more delicate and subtle than traditional tattoos, as the lines are finer and the overall design tends to be more minimalistic. They are often used to create delicate designs and smaller text or script. These tiny tattoos are perfect to put in less conspicuous areas.

Cut-out Tattoos

A cut-out tattoo, also known as a cut-out design or negative space tattoo, is a tattoo design that features an image or shape that is carved out or “cut out” of the skin, creating a negative space. The tattooed area is typically surrounded by un-inked skin, creating the appearance of a cut-out or stenciled design.

Sketch Style Tattoos

Sketch and ink style tattoos are tattoos that are designed to look like drawings or sketches, rather than highly detailed or realistic images. They often have a more artistic, expressive style, and may incorporate elements such as loose lines, cross-hatching, and shading to create a sense of depth and movement. Sketch and ink style tattoos can be done in black and grey ink or in color.

Old School Style Tattoos

Old school style tattoos, also known as traditional tattoos, are a type of tattoo that originated in the United States in the early 20th century. They are characterized by bold, bright colors and clean, simple lines, and often feature iconic Americana imagery and have a retro, vintage aesthetic.

Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos are often used to honor and remember loved ones, such as family members or friends, who have passed away. They can also be used to celebrate the relationship or connection a person has with their pet. Creating a portrait tattoo requires a high level of artistic skill and attention to detail, so be sure to research your artist.

Blackwork Style Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are tattoos that are made up of solid black ink. They can be simple designs, such as dots or lines, or more complex illustrations. Blackwork tattoos are often used to create contrast or to highlight certain features of a tattoo design. They can be used in combination with other tattoo styles, such as color tattoos, to create a more dynamic and visually striking tattoo. Blackwork tattoos are popular for their bold and dramatic appearance, as well as their versatility in terms of design.

Temporary Tattoos

Not ready to commit? Scared of needles? Real tattoos outside of your budget? Don’t worry, I got you too! Temporary tattoos are the answer! The wonderful thing about temporary tattoos is that it’s a great tool for kids and teens to process their grief and they can share them with their friends. I’ve dug through Etsy to find the 5 most spectacular temporary tattoo makers.

Safety Over Style

It is important to take the time to think carefully about the design of a memorial pet tattoo and to choose an experienced tattoo artist who can create a tattoo that accurately represents the special bond you shared with your pet. You might have noticed that some of the tattoos fit into more than one tattoo style, they do. Don’t get hung up on the exact style because most tattoos are a mashup of different styles. Tattoo styles are also not universal, there are usually several names for the same style, depending on your location in the world. Any good tattoo artist should be able to deliver exactly what you want, regardless of what you call it.

Be sure to research the tattoo artist/studio before getting any work done. Ask them questions about their safety procedures, how many years of experience they have, etc, until you’re comfortable. Look at their past work and ask them questions about it. If you see something you don’t like or that shoots up a red flag, don’t work with them. Don’t play with your health and safety.

I don’t have any pet tattoos but I’d love to see yours! Drop a photo in the comments!

Thank you to those that submitted your tattoo for inclusion in this article! I greatly appreciate you and so will those that you’ve inspired to get inked! <3

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