Ring Sizing Guide

Ring Sizing Guide

Ring Sizing Guide

Do You Really Need a Ring Sizing Guide?

Yes, I really do! Here’s why: just like with clothing, there’s no standard, universal sizes in jewelry. You can go into 4 different jewelry stores and come out with 4 different ring sizes for 1 finger. Then, when you purchase a ring from a different store or from an artisan, like myself, you give the ring size you were given, and why wouldn’t you? I would and used to. You then get your new ring and it’s not the size you expected it to be. It’s frustrating for all involved. In an effort to avoid frustration, all the rings you see in my shop are based on the sizes in this guide.

Doin’ it Right the First Time

Ordering the correct size ring the first time is the goal! With this Ring Sizing Guide, I’m giving you an easy way to do this. However, I want to say that this way works well, but the absolute most accurate way to obtain your ring size is to pop into your local jeweler and have them size you. “Didn’t you just say it’s probably a different size?” I did, but you’re not goin to ask if you are a size 6 or 7, you’re goin to have them give you the diameter of your ring size in millimeters and find your size below. You can do the same thing yourself if you have some calipers, which I’m sure some of you do cuz yall have some random, weird stuff layin about!

The Guide

I tried to make this as easy as possible to use. If you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do what I can to get you squared away. Feel free to save the guide to your phone so you have it at your fingertips.

Guide Instructions

The best time of day to measure your finger is late in the afternoon. Also, be sure your fingers are warm.

  1. Wrap a thin strip of paper around the base of your finger and mark the spot where the paper meets. You want the paper to be snug but not too loose or too tight.
  2. Measure the length of the paper from your mark.
  3. Use the below chart to finger out your ring size. (did you see what I did there? *snort*)

Be sure to bookmark this page or just right-click on the chart and select ‘save image’ to save it.

Silver Creek Ring Sizing Guide
Silver Creek Ring Sizing Guide


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