How to Pick the Right Necklace or Chain Length

How to Pick the Right Necklace or Chain Length

How to pick the right necklace or chain length.

Chains and necklaces have been around for as long as humans so you’d think we wouldn’t have any problems easily choosing the right length, but you’d be wrong. It seems we’re just as unsure today as we were eons ago, but you have something to help you out that our caveman ancestors didn’t have: this handy dandy chain lengths guide. I’m even going to give you the hoity toity names for the lengths and recommend some necklines they work with too! WoOt!

Silver Creek Chain Length Guide
Silver Creek Chain Length Guide

Before we dive into this, I’d like to make a little disclaimer about lengths, their names and your body. These lengths are just guides, they are not the end all, be all. Smaller folks may be swimming in a 14 inch collar, while larger folks may need an 18 inch collar. The most important thing is, is where it sits on your body and all bodies are different, so if your chain falls to just under your boobs, it’s an opera length chain, regardless of the inches. No judging. No shaming. No worries.

Lengths and Their Hoity Toity Names

Below you’ll find the ‘standard’ chain lengths and their hoity toity names. Why include the names? Because when you’re sitting in a super relaxing bubble bath, with your crown at a perfectly cute tilt around your messy bun, with your bottomless, artisan made, wine glass, with all your jewels and treasures draped around your neck, it’s important to know that you’re wearing your collar, princess and opera lengths, DUUUUUH *rolls eyes*


Collar length is 12’’-13’’ inches ( 30-33 cm)

Collars are the shortest of all the lengths and sit tightly around your neck, but not so tight that it’s painful, unless that’s your thing. Collars are usually made out of fabrics, like lace, but can be made from metal as well.

Collar lengths work best with these necklines: boat, asymmetrical, off the shoulder, strapless, scoop.


Choker length is 14’’-16” inches (36-41 cm)

Chokers are a fun, popular and versatile necklace length that can be sweet and proper or sexy af! Chokers fall just above your collarbone, at the base of your neck.

Choker lengths work best with these necklines: boat, asymmetrical, off the shoulder, strapless, scoop, crew neck, collar.


Princess length is 17’’-18’’ inches (43-46 cm)

Princess length is the ‘go-to’ for most folks and is the one most commonly offered here at Silver Creek. standard necklace lengths. This length sits at or just below the collar bone.

Princess lengths work best with these necklines: damn near everything! A pendant or drop works great for V-necks too.


Matinee length is 20’’- 24’’ inches (51-61 cm)

Matinee length is great for day or night wear and falls under your collar bone and just above your boobs. This is an excellent length for stacking with with other chains.

Matinee lengths work well with these necklines: sweetheart, plunging.


Opera length is 28’’ – 36’’ inches (71-91 cm)

Opera length is another length that’s perfect for stacking. It falls on the lower half of or just under your boobs. These lengths are usually worn wrapped around the neck twice.

Opera lengths work well with these necklines: high-neck, plunging.


Rope length is 36’ ’- 51’’ inches (91-130 cm)

Ropes are the longest necklace, they come all the way down to your waist, which makes them totally versatile in how many ways they can be worn.

Rope lengths work well with these necklines: high-neck, formal wear

Some Other Things to Consider

The length of your necklace and your outfit aren’t the only things to consider when choosing the right necklace. A couple of other things to think about are timing, and the occasion. You want to wear simple designs during the day and more embellished designs at night. Are you attending a fun, and casual brunch or formal cocktails in the evening? That too, helps determine the right necklace length. Also be mindful of the color and patterns of your clothes. Bright or busy can compliment or drown out your accessories so choose carefully.

With all that being said, I feel like the most important thing is how does it make you feel? Do YOU like the way you look? That’s all that really matters because if you are happy with your look, you’ll feel way more confident and walk just a bit taller. Confidence is sexy!

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  1. Nelson Shannon
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    Brilliant! This has been broken down so simply and intelligently. I love that you have taught me something I’ve never known. I’m going to teach my granddaughter so she grows up having this knowledge. She’s very fashionable at 7 years old.

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